Down Range: October 2013

Down Range: October 2013 In the August 2013 issue, Ray Ordorica compared two full-size 9mm pistols, a surplus CZ 75 (about $350) and a new Tokarev M70A, made in Serbia by Zastava (about $330). The CZ, designed in 1975 and with more than a million having been built, is one of very few DA/SA pistols […]

Bullet Points – September 17

Bullet Points – September 17 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter

Bullet Points – July 15

Bullet Points – July 15 NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter Popular Handguns with Alabamians Currently, Alabamians are vying for concealable pistols. Local gun shops said smaller weapons have become their best-sellers.

EOTech Overview

EOTech Overview EOTech is pioneering company in designing and manufacturing of electro-optic products. The company also markets its products to the military and civilians. With headquarter in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the company has acquired a nice reputation for producing holographic weapon sights especially for the smaller arms. These arms are usually for close battle and […]