EOTech Overview

EOTech Overview

EOTech is pioneering company in designing and manufacturing of electro-optic products. The company also markets its products to the military and civilians. With headquarter in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the company has acquired a nice reputation for producing holographic weapon sights especially for the smaller arms. These arms are usually for close battle and the arms are adopted by military and the law enforcing agencies. The company has made a name and a great reputation for itself in this type of weaponry for the U.S Military as well as for commercial purposes for civilian use.

EOTech was the first company to design and manufacture holographic weapon sights such as EOTech 553 of today. These sights are useful in resolving the issue of instability in wavelength due to laser diodes. The company designed and made achromatic holographic optics that compensated for the changes in laser diode emission wavelength with temperature. These sights can be mounted on the small arms and are powered by CR 123, AA or N size batteries that run for 1100 runtime. The company designs and manufacturers EOTech 553 for the U.S military services. For commercial use in the market, the company produces M553. For grenade launcher, the company has manufactured a specialty sight for U.S military.  The company also ran an archery sight in November 2004 but it was later abandoned to focus on manufacturing of law enforcement and military weapon products. 

EOTech manufactures holographic weapon sights that do not require use of reflected reticle system. The company has replaced the system with the three dimensional space onto hotographic film which becomes a part of the optical viewing window. EOTech 553 uses collimated light and therefore its aim point can shift as per the eye movement. The parallax of the sight is equal to the size of optical window at close range and diminishes completely at a set distance. Due to laser being the light source, the reticle for taking aim appears as a small dot. If there is a change in laser wavelength, EOTech 553 sight uses holography grating with the purpose of scattering the laser light towards the opposite direction. This keeps the reticle stable even in changes in the temperature. 

Laser in EOTech 553 is one of the requirements of holographic projection. A disadvantage with laser is that it consumes a lot of power. It also involves even complex electronics as compared to the LED when compared for the brightness.  



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