EOTech 553 Review Thoughts

EOTech 553 Review Thoughts

The recent launch of EOTech 553 has attracted many eyes in the market. Manufactured, designed and marketed by EOTech, this firearm is now being bought and used by the military and many others for commercial and gaming purposes like hunting.

Once you have ordered EOTech 553 from the company, you can expect its delivery in no time. The EOTech comes in its own heavy duty firearm case which, you shall be impressed to see. The very first sight of the model would suggest, the clear night vision, the efficient levers and the built in risers. As you begin to use the gun, you will get aware of the extremely clear or rather close to perfect field vision of the appliance.  Having one of the best looking sight lenses that EOTech has manufactured, the EOTech 553 has already set a special place amongst its customers.

If compared to the previous EOTech 552 model, the EOTech 553 model does not contain entirely recreated designs and systems. The basic electronic design of the appliance is almost the same. One common complaint with the popular EOTech 552 was with the frequent blooming of the focused image especially during dark nights. This problem can however be solved by adjusting the brightness for the night ops in the case of the EOTech 553 model.

The focus of EOTech 553 expands up to a 100 yards and seems to blur behind that. The target window being highly advanced and of a better quality enhances the focus of the reticle, thereby letting the shooter to acquire his target much more easily. There are extremely reliable quick release mounts in the appliance. The levers are very efficient and release very quickly with less manual energy. All the internals of the model are covered and painted black. The advantage of this is that one can hide more easily in a blacked out, extremely dark night environment.

Most of the consumer reviews say that the model is built keeping in mind absolute detail and can be completely trusted. However, like most of the models of EOTech, complains regarding the batteries and their life remains in this model as well. There have been allotted a total of around 1500 hours to the battery life of EOTech 553. However, you must make sure that you take off the batteries when the gun is not in use. This shall prevent battery drainage and hence increase its life.


Selecting a Rifle Scope

Selecting a Rifle Scope

Today, selecting a rifle scope is not that easy because it has not only been the matter of selection or your preference rather it is the matter of science. A number of features of it affect both the suitability and its accuracy according to your needs. These can further be split into two; the features related to construction and that to accuracy. A rifle scope is more important than anything else related to the subject matter. A special care need to be taken while selecting the scope for the same as it is the matter of shooting. A scope in a standard range has to be selected and it is currently 3-9, it is quite standard for shooting. Each of the features just like magnification, objective lens dimension, parallax and adjustable lens and other adjustments are a crucial part in selecting a rifle scope.

Discussing about the magnification, it has been said that in order to be more accurate it is necessary to increase the magnification. Also, there is a particular extent to increase the accuracy which further depends on mirage, vibration and field of view (that how to much to increase). All these three factors are affected while shooting and it completely depends upon the person what all the adjustments are to be made accordingly.
To make the target more bright, the diameter of the front objective lens can be increased through which it collects more light. You can choose to make a shoot in the early morning as after sunset it would be quite difficult to adjust the light and increase the diameter of the lens. It should always be kept in mind that if the other lenses are of standard quality then only the large objective lens would benefit. 40 mm of diameter lens is the standard one for target shooting as well as hunting.

Parallax, another part of riflescope, is basically a difference in the position of a particular object that is viewed from two different sights. Talking about the adjustable lens, they help in either eliminating or lessen the parallax. If you are carrying a magnification of 10X you would either face a problem or not but you are surely benefitted if you are having a one for 12X.
Other adjustable options as related to riflescope are also necessary to be kept in mind. It all comprises of the various adjustments according to the circumstances. Then you are ready to use the telescopic scope for target shooting or hunting.

Brazil Shocked as ‘Sweet Child’ Apparently Murders His Own Family

Brazil Shocked as ‘Sweet Child’ Apparently Murders His Own Family
São Paulo police have said that Marcelo Pesseghini was a “sweet child”. They are mystified as to why on Sunday evening the 13-year-old pupil seemingly murdered his police officer parents, his grandmother and his aunt before shooting himself. Three of the victims were apparently sleeping in the family home in Brasilândia, north São Paulo, when they were killed. The body of his mother, Andreia, 36, was found slumped on her knees beside a bed, her arms covering her… [Guardian (UK), via GunPolicy.org]

NAGR’s Commercial in AR, lobbying Sen. Mark Pryor

NAGR’s Commercial in AR, lobbying Sen. Mark Pryor

Three Dead, Five Injured in German Sports Club Shooting
BERLIN – At lease three people died in a shooting incident at a sports club near the southern German city of Heidelberg on Tuesday evening. Police in Heidelberg said a man opened fire at the club in the village of Dossenheim to the north of Heidelberg, leading to the death of two people and injuries of at least five others. One of the wounded was in critical condition. The man then shot himself to death. A police spokesman told local media that the case was still… [Xinhua, via GunPolicy.org]

NAGR Black Fleece

Second-Generation Cap & Ball Colt Sixguns in 36 and 44 Cal.

Second-Generation Cap & Ball Colt Sixguns in 36 and 44 Cal.
The collecting of really old Colt revolvers can easily threaten the bank account, or even shatter it. Not only is collecting the early Colts a costly pastime, you end up with guns not many would want to shoot, especially the black-powder percussion handguns from the Civil War or earlier periods. Of course there are many modern cap-and-ball guns made to satisfy the cravings of those who want to make lots of noise and smoke. But with most of them there’s something missing, as I’m sure many will tell you. The modern guns just are not Colts, though they may look the same. Our Technical Editor Ray Ordorica used to own an original Colt 1860 which, as might be expected, he shot on a regular basis. He shot a six-shot group at 15 yards with the gun that measured 1.4 inches center to center of the widest two, and four of ‘em made a hole less than half an inch between centers.

Czechoslovakia Vs. Serbia: Two Midsize 9mm Pistols Compete
In front of us for this report were two full-size 9mm pistols. They were a surplus CZ 75 (about $350) and a new Tokarev M70A, made in Serbia by Zastava (about $330). Would either of these guns be acceptable for home- or self-defense purposes? We tested with three types of ammo, Independent 115-grain FMJ, RWS 124-grain FMJ, and Black Hills 124-grain JHP +P. Here’s what we found.

South African Police Destroy Over 36,000 Guns

South African Police Destroy Over 36,000 Guns
VEREENIGING – Today, many South Africans will be safer. Many businesses have been spared from potential robberies. Many homes have been spared from potential break-ins AND schools have been spared from disruptions – all these as a result of removal in circulation of thousands of illegal firearms. This was a sentiment expressed by the police leadership and management during the destruction of illegal firearms at an event held at the Arcellor Mittal Steel Factory… [South African Police Service, Media release, via GunPolicy.org]



NAGR Blue Jacket

‘Military calls Myanmar disciplined democracy – that’s a sham’

‘Military calls Myanmar disciplined democracy – that’s a sham’
It’s time we see a truly democratic society in our country. We shouldn’t settle for anything less. But Aung San Suu Kyi has said she’s willing to work with the military for democratic changes to happen – what is your view? I disagree with her on …

Leatherwood Rolling Out New Hi-Lux M40 Tactical Hunter Scope
Leatherwood makes easy-to-use, affordable scopes. In the past couple of years they’ve expanded on their catalog with optic after optic and all of them have been excellent values. The Hi-Lux M40 Tactical Hunter, designed for rifles chambered for .

Just in time for Back to School bulletproof backpacks tactical gear
Bulletproof backpack on wheels is on special right now $224.00. Not everyone is happy about the product Andy Romeo Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, “If kids start protecting themselves and shooting back it’s going to …

Picton Mahoney Tactical Income Fund Announces Monthly Distribution
TORONTO , July 15, 2013 /CNW/ – (PMB-UN.TO) Picton Mahoney Tactical Income Fund, a closed-end investment fund, announced today that it has declared a monthly distribution for Class A and for Class F of $0.0417 per unit ( $0.50 per unit on an …

Taiwan military drill stages China attack scenario
A AH-1W helicopter releases flares in a military drill in the western Penghu islands, on April 17, 2013. Taiwan has started a computerised military drill, set against an imagined scenario in which China invades the island in 2017.AFP/File TAIPEI …

LAPD ends citywide tactical alert following Zimmerman verdict protests
Mayor Eric Garcetti called for peace as the Los Angeles Police Department was dealing with protests after Zimmerman was found not guilty … tourists to photograph them and join them in the demonstration. Meanwhile, street vendors went about …

Military works to change culture to combat rape
SAN DIEGO — The laughter and chatter ceased as soon as the two naval chiefs appeared on the rooftop deck of the barracks, where four sailors — three men and one woman — were having drinks in a hot tub with a sweeping view of San Diego Bay. Chief …

Taurus Revolver Grips: grips4guns.com
Pistol grips, Handgun grips, Revolver grips. A Huge selection of custom grips. We specialise in laminated wood, simulated pearl, bonded ivory and elk horn grips.

AWACS Tactical Simulator 2.0 is ready for takeoff
Barcelona, Spain – AWACS Tactical Simulator 2.0 is here. We have been working on many improvements to refine the simulator to make it a much better strategic game. Version 1.0 included tutorial scenarios, five videotutorials, one 218 pages manual, and …

Tactical masterstroke helps Contador recover time
During a hectic 173-km ride from Tours that ended with Britain’s Mark Cavendish crossing the line first, Contador’s Saxo-Tinkoff team split the peloton with a brutal acceleration 30 kilometres from the finish that left Froome trapped behind.

Grassroots Alert: Vol. 20, No. 26 06/28/2013

Grassroots Alert: Vol. 20, No. 26 06/28/2013

Illinois: Lawmakers to vote on governor’s proposed concealed carry changes
On the same day of the court mandated deadline for Illinois to allow the concealed carry of weapons in public, lawmakers are set to gather in Springfield to consider Gov. Pat Quinn’s sweeping changes to a bill allowing the practice.

Taxing the Second Amendment
Liberals are trying every tool at their disposal this year to go after guns. They have failed on Capitol Hill to restrict the Second Amendment, so they are moving through the states to enact their agenda. The latest maneuver is to hike the tax on guns and ammunition to dissuade the law abiding from buying firearms. It’s the perfect storm of liberalism — more revenue for a bigger government and fewer people keeping and bearing arms.

Louisiana: Governor Signs into Law Pro-Second Amendment Bills Passed in 2013 Legislative Session
Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has signed the following NRA-backed measures below into law.  Please send him an e-mail here and thank him for enacting these important bills.

Police: Marshall Henderson had previous run-ins with law
Mississippi Rebels guard Marshall Henderson (22) reacts during a game last season. (Photo: Don McPeak, USA TODAY Sports) SHARECONNECT 103 TWEETCOMMENTEMAILMORE Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson had two previous run-ins with police in …

Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight | MSP – MSP: AR-15 Accessories …

Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight | MSP – MSP: AR-15 Accessories …
LITHIUM POWER POLYMER FLASHLIGHT. Introducing Streamlight’s first virtually indestructible, super-bright, nylon polymer tactical light! C4® LED 2-3X brighter than …

AR-15 Flashlights | Mounting Solutions Plus
Streamlight Super Tac Flashlight with Vertical Grip & Rail. Price: $179.40. Round Accessory Mounts (Ram) – Single Ring for Flashlights & Lasers – Silver. Price: $21.00.