EOTech 553 Review Thoughts

EOTech 553 Review Thoughts

The recent launch of EOTech 553 has attracted many eyes in the market. Manufactured, designed and marketed by EOTech, this firearm is now being bought and used by the military and many others for commercial and gaming purposes like hunting.

Once you have ordered EOTech 553 from the company, you can expect its delivery in no time. The EOTech comes in its own heavy duty firearm case which, you shall be impressed to see. The very first sight of the model would suggest, the clear night vision, the efficient levers and the built in risers. As you begin to use the gun, you will get aware of the extremely clear or rather close to perfect field vision of the appliance.  Having one of the best looking sight lenses that EOTech has manufactured, the EOTech 553 has already set a special place amongst its customers.

If compared to the previous EOTech 552 model, the EOTech 553 model does not contain entirely recreated designs and systems. The basic electronic design of the appliance is almost the same. One common complaint with the popular EOTech 552 was with the frequent blooming of the focused image especially during dark nights. This problem can however be solved by adjusting the brightness for the night ops in the case of the EOTech 553 model.

The focus of EOTech 553 expands up to a 100 yards and seems to blur behind that. The target window being highly advanced and of a better quality enhances the focus of the reticle, thereby letting the shooter to acquire his target much more easily. There are extremely reliable quick release mounts in the appliance. The levers are very efficient and release very quickly with less manual energy. All the internals of the model are covered and painted black. The advantage of this is that one can hide more easily in a blacked out, extremely dark night environment.

Most of the consumer reviews say that the model is built keeping in mind absolute detail and can be completely trusted. However, like most of the models of EOTech, complains regarding the batteries and their life remains in this model as well. There have been allotted a total of around 1500 hours to the battery life of EOTech 553. However, you must make sure that you take off the batteries when the gun is not in use. This shall prevent battery drainage and hence increase its life.


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